The Art of Horology is a not-for-profit workshop and curriculum that teaches urban youth the art of watchmaking. Students get to design and make a watch in its entirety – by hand, not only learning a lifelong skill but opening up new career opportunities. Funding is supplied by the sale of student made watches and various watchmaking courses offered to the general public. You can support The Art of Horology project by making a donation, purchasing a watch from our student collection, or attending one of our watchmaking courses.



Limited Edition
Case: 44mm
Stainless Steel Black PVD plated
Dial: 925
Sterling Silver
Ghana Symbol  GYE NYAME   Except of God
Movement: Hand modified, painted and sculptured
17 jewels Swiss mechanical hand wind       
Band: black leather 



The Art of Horology Project is a nonprofit workshop curriculum created by Steven Richardson. His mission is to increase the awareness of the profession of watchmaking and the art of horology to his students. To foster a depth of mind and passion for watchmaking through its artistry and skill set. His own professional journey naturally led him into the role of educator and mentor, teaching crucial skills and principles of business management and operations. Students go through a rigorous curriculum focused on the history and craft of watch making, emphasizing an understanding of horology and giving them the tools and resources to meet their unique potentials...

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