Art of Horology star student Amadeus Frazier


The Art of Horology Project is a nonprofit workshop curriculum created by Steven Richardson. His mission is to increase the awareness for the profession of watchmaking and the art of horology to his students. To foster a depth of mind and passion for watchmaking through it’s artistry and skill set. His own professional journey naturally lead him into the role of educator and mentor, teaching crucial skills and principles of business management and operations. Students go through a rigorous curriculum focused on the history and craft of watch making, emphasizing an understanding of horology and giving them the tools and resources to meet their unique potentials. Subjectively, the practice increases a sharp mental focus, discipline, conscientiousness, and a deepened sense of self-worth through accomplishment and risk taking. Funding this project will help to acquire more resources and tools to administer the curriculum, enabling students to design and make a watch in its entirety by hand. The Art of Horology is dedicated to the education and advancement of horological studies and the craft of watchmaking.

The Art of Horology Project

By 2008, Richardson designed a concrete curriculum gathering tools and materials from donations, to build the infrastructure of his program. He had successfully launched the first of his workshops at the Bedford Stuyvesant YMCA, in NY. He subsequently continued teaching his program there and then in 2010 and 2011 at the Benjamin Banneker Academy in Brooklyn, followed by the Riverside High School in the Bronx in 2011 and 2012. His summer workshop began in 2013 at the Art of Horology Workshop in Manhattan, and will continue into the summer of 2014. Catching the interest of clients and celebrities which include, Tracy Morgan, Ray Lewis, Larry Miller and Arturo Di Modica, all mentioned commissioned and collaborated with Richardson developing designs of limited edition luxury timepieces that were auctioned this year on the online marketplace Charitybuzz to benefit The Art of Horology Project.

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Steven Richardson’s long time goal represents hope for social improvement for young men, women and their families. The Art of Horology Workshop continues to refine it’s education model and is a renewal project that exposes students to a unique skill set. Richardson’s most ambitious project is to open a full scale watchmaking school in New York City. He is committed to creating a job market for teaching professionals and qualifying his students into a rewarding trade in the watchmaking industry.