Meet the creator of our World Cup 2014 Brasilian Watch Art of Horology star student Amadeus Frazier

My name is Amadeus Frazier. I first started learning watchmaking under Mr. Stevenson and the Art of Horology back in 2008 with my mother at the Bedford Stuyvesant YMCA. Every Thursday we learned the history of timepieces and the science behind time. I was 13 by the time and was fascinated by the creation of an everlasting watch movement.

I attended boarding school in Wisconsin for 3 years. After early graduation, I lived in Japan for a year as an exchange student. There I learned the Japanese language and culture

I am now coming to an end of my second year as an Art of Horology intern. I will be attending a University in the UK studying English and Business. I aspire to incorporate what I will learn in business into my watchmaking career.

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    • Jeffrey Powell

      Great job Amadeus! Just like your namesake you are an artist. I am both proud and envious of you. You are moving along the path that I’m looking to follow. I want to be a Watchmaker , master Watchmaker and ultimately create my own brand and business. It’s also encouraging to see African Americans in the field. It allows me to believe I can make it. Keep it up!

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