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Starts: 20 October, 2014
Duration : 12 Weeks
Instructors: Steven Richardson
Phone : 410-637-3509
Email :

Elementary Program targeting (K-5) students consist of a “Beginner’s Intro to Watchmaker” course which will address the fundamental understanding of the meaning of time through nature and basic hands-on assembling of a silicone clock. In addition, students will learn the history, industry, terminology, and the importance of mechanical watch movement parts and function via a digital software program.

Middle School Program targeting (6-8) students consist of a “Beginner’s Intro to Watchmaker” course coupled with an “Introductory Mechanical Watch Movement “assembling and disassembling sequence.

High School Program targeting (9-12) students consists of a tri-component course “Beginners Watch Making “, “Intermediate Assembling and Disassembling” and “Over Hauling and testing” culminating with the student receiving a mechanical watch movement

Curriculum Subject

Math: Students gain a practical understanding of math by working with rotating
Gears and measuring frequencies. They also gain high-level skills in precision,
Timing, measurements, and weight using trigonometry, algebra and other
Mathematical applications in the assembly of each timepiece.

Science: Students gain an understanding of astronomy through study of the
Rotation of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and other planets as they relate to our
understanding of time. Students study celestial events such as the various
Phases of the moon, meteor showers, solar, and lunar eclipses.

Chemistry: Students gain a broad understanding of various minerals and
metals used in watchmaking with a special emphasis on how they interact with,
and are naturally produced in, the human body.

History: Students gain an understanding and broad knowledge of the history of
Timekeeping; including important historical moments, scientific and technological
breakthroughs and significant figures who have contributed to our understanding
And keeping of time.

Physics: Students gain an understanding of how energy is created and
maintained in individual timepieces and how physics is central to the art of

Art of horology Summer Job program

Students that pass the AOH 12 week mechanical program will be awarded a summer job assembling AOH mechanical watches. Students will be paid per watch that they assemble and test to be sold on AOH website to our valuable clients that will keep this program going. Students will also receive a free education in learning how to maintain the same mechanical movement in the AOH watches and many other brands such as Rolex and Cartier and for repairs and overhauling. This educational summer job program will help the student become a true watchmaker as a career.

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