Steven Richardson, Founder & Instructor

A native of Baltimore, MD, who now calls New York City home, Steven Richardson is a watchmaker and high-end designer of elegant one-of-a-kind timepieces.For more than a decade, Richardson has designed, crafted, and manufactured exquisite limited-edition timepieces. What sets Richardson apart from other horologists is that he personally handcrafts every watch; expertly sculpturing and engraving the inner-workings of each exclusive timepiece. He calls his special craft “mechanical art,” and his clients include watch connoisseurs, collectors, and celebrities, including Maya Angelou, Malik Yoba, Ovie Mughelli, Keith Robinson, Ray Lewis, Tracy Morgan and Larry Miller.Richardson began his journey as a jewelry designer in 1995, working in gold, silver, and precious stones, and later traveled to Thailand, Brazil, and Japan to study new methods andgain inspiration from other cultures. Returning to the US, he combined his knowledge of gems and jewelry design with his growing fascination with timepieces, studying horology under a master watchmaker in New York City.

Rorrie Owns

Artice Jones

Three decades of service and sales “exemplifies my intense passion for watches and watchmaking”

In the early eighties right at the beginning of the quartz watch phenomenon is where it all began for me.The list of popular names at that time was (Seiko, Longines, Lasalle, Concord, Omega etc.)My first position involved taking in repairs, giving estimates, changing batteries, adjusting bracelet watches, and polishing watch cases. That sums up to (level 1 watchmaking),
After my two valuable years in service, that became the perfect segway to sales.

Presently, I’m employed in one of the world’s finest watch salons located in NYC.
My job title is watch sales specialist.This title also includes being a brand ambassador to 3 swiss watch companies. My duties in the shop besides sales also include the upkeep of merchandise & training of the store’s sale team.

As of “2013”, I started my own company “Mechanical View LLC” custom timepieces.

“Pushing past all limits” has been my mantra in life.

HenryHenry Delgado, Instructor

Henry Delgado a native of New York started his watch career at the age of 13. His mother and father was watchmaker and they exposed him to the craft at a young age.  From the time of that young age of 13, Henry at started to work on watch and at the present age of 53 he is still working on watches.  Thru out the years Henry have worked for Apollo Gems 1977-82, Time will tell 1982-90, Tiffany Co. 1990-95, Rolex USA. 1995-98, H&H Watch repair 1998-03, Hamilton Jewelers 2003-6, Frank Muller 2006-09 and self employed from 2009. Henry Delgado is a certified watchmaker on Rolex, Frank Muller, Accutron, Breitling, Ebel, Tag Huer, Cartier, Chronographs, Quartz, Fly Backs Retro’s and Minute Repeaters.

Henry has a burning desire to share his gift of watch making with adults and young adults.  In 2012 Henry Delgado a 2nd generation Master watchmaker Teamed up with watchmaker Steven Richardson and open the art of horology school and service center in the heart of NYC. This will make history being that it will be the only horology school in New York at its time. While the art of watchmaking is an age-old craft, Delgado and Richardson believes there is strong demand for this highly skilled trade and they have dedicated their talent to fostering and mentoring a new generation of American watchmakers through the Art of Horology school and service center.


Rorrie Owens

Watch Curator Rorrie Owens is a major vintage watch collector in NYC. He started collecting watches in the late 70s and studied with greats like Erin Faber. Rorrie has consulted work with Nkiru America and Art of Horology for over 16 years and has created watch history curriculum for the students of AOH.